Photo: Matt Garza (2009 + 2010 Artist Fellow)


The Yeredon Center is a community oriented learning space that is dedicated to the preservation of Traditional Malian dance, music, and cultural art practices through the tutelage of Malian practitioners. 


Our vision at Yeredon is to create an opportunity for all who join us to experience and learn about Malian cultural arts first hand from the artists who make their livelihoods in these dying cultural practices. The reality is that in this technological age, we are losing our access points to these ancient forms of Malian dance, music and cultural arts. We hope to amend this by creating accessible programming for Youth in the community, making space for cultural exchange, and by supporting the artists we partner with. 



Yiridon nka Yèrèdon Nyógón té is a Bamana proverbs that translates to "There is Nothing Greater Than Knowing Oneself."